Sage50 Cloud. Item drop down list. More than one item is selected / highlighted when using the down arrow key.



I need help with doing a quote, I get this problem when I try to find an item and scroll down with my down arrow key.  All the items get highlighted as I scroll down and I am not sure which is the item I need to choose.

I am using Sage50 cloud 2023 on Windows 11.  Same problem on Sage50C 2022 after I upgraded to Windows 11.  

Thanks for the help.

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    I've had enough of this "Cosmetic" problem, other accounting software is not seeing these issues... I'm looking for a new accounting system!!

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    No solution and Sage 50 will not take the blame for the problems.  Erzsi, who I don't even know if he is employed by Sage says it is a Window problem and Sage will not fixed.  It is nice he has taken the time, but he isn't helping with our situation.   

    I like to know who posted this is SOVLED !!  That was a low class move to do this; as we are struggling and being frustrated with so many inventory items being highlighted.