Sage50 Cloud. Item drop down list. More than one item is selected / highlighted when using the down arrow key.



I need help with doing a quote, I get this problem when I try to find an item and scroll down with my down arrow key.  All the items get highlighted as I scroll down and I am not sure which is the item I need to choose.

I am using Sage50 cloud 2023 on Windows 11.  Same problem on Sage50C 2022 after I upgraded to Windows 11.  

Thanks for the help.

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    We are working on fixing this compatibility issue, but in the meantime we've determined that the issue is cosmetic: all items in the dropdown appear to be highlighted when using the down arrow key to scroll, but in reality the last item is always the only one that's actually selected.  You can also work around this issue by using mouse instead of the keyboard to select items from the dropdown, as this works normally.

    Thank you for your patience while we work on this graphics incompatibility issue between Sage 50 and Windows 11!