• Upgrading to a different product?

    We currently have Sage Businessworks for all of our accounting for 15 companies. We have a parent company with several subsidiaries some of which themselves have subsidiaries. Two of the companies need territory reporting, one company needs job costing…
  • Closing the month

    For some reason, the last couple of times I have closed out the month I am getting a message saying that I haven't printed the customer statements but I have. I'm not sure why this is suddenly happening as I am doing everything the same way I always have…
  • Training/coaching

    Hi, I'm looking for resources to help me move my businessworks desktop forward into the new world of automation. We have been with businessworks for over 30 years. I have always been the only accountant, but now we are looking to add at least another…
  • Businessworks 2023

    Are there any problems with BW 2023 new database engine Actian Zen 15.1?
  • BusinessWorks 2013. Failure of DFRead/Write status 3006.

    Every once in a while my BusinessWorks 2013 will throw an error that states: Failure of DFRead or Write Function Status 3006 on ICTransaction Unknown error No matter what we do it remains on the screen even after BusinessWorks is closed. Restarting the…
  • Enter/Return key not working after update 2021 SP9

    I upgraded my client to BW 2021 SP9 and now when they search for things and press enter on the keyboard the result is a blank orange box. But if they press the Find Now button the result comes back as normal. Anyone else seeing this? Photo #1 is what…
  • Improper Shutdown

    I turned off my computer before I shut down Business Works properly and now I have two tasks running in the background that I cant close, any suggestions?
  • federal taxes for first payroll of the year

    Yet again, the amount withheld and the amount due don't match for the first payroll of the year. It's only by 4 cents, but it seems to happen every year now. Can someone remind me how to fix it so I don't have to waste a support call again.
  • Customer PO # Field in Order Entry > Maintain Sales Orders

    We are using BusinessWorks 2021 SP5. The program allows you to enter more characters in the Customer PO # field than can be saved, then it truncates the entry without any notification. Is this going to be fixed? It's very annoying!
  • Upgraded to BW 2021 - Sales Order/Invoicing/Purchase Order windows not functioning

    "Upgraded" to BusinessWorks 2021 over the weekend - and the system is now unusable. I've been using this Software for over 20 years and have never had problems before. I have a new Sales order to enter - I can select the customer - and when the window…
  • Expiry notice

    I'm getting an expiry notice when I log in, but it' won't let me retrieve the subscription info to correct the problem. I can log in but I can only view, I can't post.
  • BW client fails to launch

    I have one workstation that won't launch BusinessWorks 2019. Here's what I see when I try to launch it: - No BW splash screen or other GUI -The System Manager launches and I see the icon in the system tray. - Task Manager shows BW Launcher and…
  • Errors discovered with 2021 BusinessWorks update

    Has anyone else noticed that the new 2021 version of BW has a few annoying errors? The errors I've noticed are as follows: The cursor doesn't advance to the next field in sequential order. I've noticed this in Order Entry > Direct Invoicing > Ship…
  • 2021 Inventory Cost for on hand quantity

    I have a client that has concerns regarding the COST on Maintain Parts now available to change on inventory parts that have quantity on hand in the new 2021 version. This is new and NOT a good upgrade. Can you let me know if this is going to be corrected…
  • credit card vault

    Huge delays in connecting to merchant account from vault in BW 2020
  • Does F9 for BusinessWorks work over a VPN connection?

    Can I assume that since BusinessWorks is not supported over a VPN connection that the F9 reporting is also not supported over a VPN connection? Working remotely due to the COVID-19 has drawbacks, but this could be a real killer. Thanks in advance…
  • duplicate invoices

    I had duplicate invoices. One was voided because I forgot the sales tax and then I fixed it and used the same invoice number as the one i had voided...Some how the one was closed/ paid off but it doesnt show up on a report our AR guy does. It seems it…
  • Converting Work Orders to Invoices

    My computer thinks a customer is open and is locking it so I cannot convert a work order to an invoice for that customer. How can I remedy this? The customer is not open on the computer system anywhere.
  • Problem with program

    Program was working fine yesterday. Today the program will not let us do anything. It says The Task Enter Bank Transaction (ID 2016) cannot execute due to a network license limit?? Please advise
  • Performance issues

    Business Works 2017 (latest SP)... FYI BW is integrated with CCC1 (Body Shop Management Software)...that process works properly all the time...no issues DB hosted on 2102 R2 server...NIC Teaming, 32GB, Dual Processor, RAID 10 volume (10K RPM SAS)…
  • Document Attachment

    I am writing to find those that have used the document attachment feature for some time now. I would like to know if you embed or link your attachments? If embedding, does Business Works run efficiently with a lot of attachments? We are new to this…
  • Multiple users accessing same customer in orders and in invoicing

    I've had a long-time client ask if there's some enhancement/functionality/upcoming modification that would allow multiple users to be entering orders and/or invoices for the same customer. I can't recall any previous buzz about this, but if anyone…
  • How to renew my Sage BusinessWorks support plan

    Can I renew my Sage BusinessWorks Support Plan online? I have tried calling but can't wait in the long queue. Anyone have information?
  • Windows Update File Problems

    We just went through the latest Windows 10 (forced) update. We run Businessworks 2017. We are now getting intermittent file errors--failure of DFInitialize function; [Pervasive{{CQBC Client Interface{,{Client LNA} not available protocol for the Pervasive…
  • Is anyone else unable to submit a new claim?

    I am unable to submit a new claim. The page never loads. Is anyone else having this problem?