• Timeslips for windows 2000s

    I have a timeslips for windows, i have installed the software, tried to register, but it's asking me to upgrade. I do not want to upgrade. Can anyone help with generating a registration code?
  • Reinstalling Timeslips

    I am a long time user of Timeslips. My Timeslips program got deleted when a technician did a reset of my laptop. I need to download somehow my Timeslips program again. I can give you my Sage Account ID Number.
  • Recent message in versions of Timeslips that are NOT Premium re: need to upgrade...

    I have had a couple of my Timeslips customers contact me today about a message that they are getting when they launch Timeslips 2019 and 2020 telling them that they should upgrade because " Versions of Sage Timeslips before build will no longer…
  • Installing Timeslips from old computer to new computer

    I tried copying and pasting the Timeslips folder from my old desktop to new desktop. Here's the message I get: There are not enough licenses to allow use of the program at this time.
  • TS 2016 download

    Reloaded Win11 and it wiped Timeslips 2016. I have the serial number and my copy is legal. I just need to reinstall 2016. I cannot find where I can download it. I cannot afford $600 a year perpetually for new version.
  • Timeslips 2014 copy for download

    I am the network administrator for a law firm in Naperville, IL. Looking for a copy of Timeslips 2014. Their hard drive lost it's Windows operating system which i have rebuilt onto a new SSD. They purchased an online upgrade to 2014 from their original…
  • Timeslips Premium in a Single Application Terminal Server

    I have a client that owns a current version of Timeslips Premium. Since Timeslips Anywhere isn't ready to replace Premium, they are considering running Timeslips on a Terminal Server, and they want to use the Single-application feature of Terminal Server…
  • Question on purchasing (not the latest) a "new-ish" version of Timeslips that does not require the subscription model.

    Hello Nancy, In a previous post entitled " Seeking older version of sage timeslips to install " you mentioned that if have the installation keys from a previous installation, then you might be able to install a different version of TimeSlips. We have…
  • RE: Sage Timeslips 2018 (Perpetual) May 2018 Service Release

    Hello, I had to reinstall the program, and I am missing the May, 2018 SR file, how dod I download it; but of course if the latest SR to 2018 is not the May file, how can I obtain that SR? When I click on the hyperlink Timeslips 2018 Perpetual May…
  • Fix license conflict when removing/adding PC

    Hello, We are using Timeslips 2006 for 3 users, and we are having some type of licensing conflict. Using Station Administrator I removed a PC that is no longer working. Then I added a new PC, installed using the installation disc, then used Station…
  • where can I FIND MY activation key for Timeslips 2022

    Where can I FIND MY activation key for Timeslips 2022
  • Need help with downloading TS 2020 Build

    Can you please help? Sage support no help.
  • March 2023 Service Release

    Will there be a service release in March 2023? We were supposed to get a Big Announcement in "Early March" regarding new information about the Cloud. When will that information be shared?
  • Sage Timeslips 2018 Download File

    I am looking for the Sage Timeslips 2018 download file. I can't locate it on the current computer that has the install and it is single station only. We are looking to move it to our remote access computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Reinstall recover

    Hi From reading through the forum, while posting here, it sounds like I will need to call Nancy and/or Caren2. A long time client, a single atty office, within a year of retiring was experiencing computer issues. I successfully migrated all of his…
  • Moving Timeslips 2017 to new server

    Hello, I need help transferring Timeslips 2017 to a new server and need a license code. Can anyone help me?
  • Installing Timeslips 2020 on workstations

    I am trying to install TimeSlips 2020 on a workstation but when I go to the network share and the Loclinst folder, the setup.exe file is not there. I checked backups from over a year ago and the file wasn't there even back then. The server installation…
  • Registration codes will not work when I try to move the program to a new computer.

    Timeslips will not help for Timeslips 2020. Anyone know how to fix this issue?
  • 2012 Timeslips in peer to peer environment. The total 3 computers , one is the "server". How to replace the "server" pc in this situation?

    2012 Timeslips in peer to peer environment. The total 3 computers , one is the "server". I have replaced the 2 other computers with Windows 10 and now is the time to replace the "server". What would be the best way to approach it. When replacing the other…
  • Silent scripted uninstall of local TimeSlips

    Is there a way to remotely uninstall the local TimeSlips Premium from users' machines? We moved a client to a Terminal Services type install and need to get the local copies all removed. We would rather have our RMM tool run the uninstall than touch every…
  • Reinstalling Timeslips 2011

    Hurricane Ida knocked out my electricity and my computer crashed. I need to re-install Timeslips 2011 and I can't find my original packaging! Can someone help me with a Product Key so that I can re-install and save my data???? Thank you!!!!!
  • Need help installing the new product

    I had been using Timeslips 2018 for several years. But last week I purchased Timeslips Premium. So I need help installing the new product, converting from the old system to the new system and most importantly, migrating the data from the old system to…
  • Can I load Timeslips v2016 on a ChromeBook?

    Checking for a client. Thanks for your input. Mary
  • Need 2019 Sage Timelips (Perpetual) installer

    Need 2019 Sage Timelips (Perpetual) installer. Will compensate fee, thank you.
  • Timeslips 2016 Installation Media

    Good Morning Everyone, Does anyone know where I can download a copy of 2016 Timeslips installation media? Thanks, Tammi