• Error in Mobile gadgets

    Hi! I try to entry in any standard application of SageX3 mobile view, and all options return error : ERROR : endpoint application is not a function. Any idea? it's necessary a basic configuration to woks fine? Thanks a lot.
  • Create product as per response table & product Line

    I have define 1. Product Line Attribute 2. Response table 3. Product Line See the screen shot-1 Below information I need in Product 1. Construction: 1X1 Rib 2. Composition: 100% Polyester 3. Open/Tube: Open 4. Design Type: Solid …

    Hello Everyone During stock count preparation, I observed that a sales invoice already posted is holding stock. I have run the stock and quantity resynchronization functions, but the stock was not released. when i checked the invoice lines, i saw that…
  • Regarding Sage X3 v12p34 update notes

    Direct link: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/x3-release-notes/#/release/en-US/2023-r2-34 I have some questions: [1] About GraphQL: Is there a direct link to the new details? How do I extend a new GraphQL custom code? ``` Add-on packages…
  • Displaying a production work order (OF) calendar.

    Hello, I have created a graphical query that displays a production calendar. The calendar is shown, but it appears to be empty, just as depicted in the screenshot(I don't have the production work orders (OF) available.)
  • MacOS question: Sage X3 Syracuse AddIn install help

    Hi, Sage X3: v12 Patch 33 I have a MacOS customer trying to use the syracuse addin for Microsoft Office and hit this error. How do I resolve this? ,
  • Formula Wizard - Positive Pay File

    Hey all, I'm currently attempting to replace commas with spaces in our business partner name "[F:PYH]BPANAM" using the formula wizard, but I'm encountering difficulties with the standard functions provided. If anyone has any suggestions or formulas…
  • Process wise stock location auto selection

    Hi i need to setup a process so that locations are auto selected based on type of transaction and process for ex. Here if I select the receipt type as "Return receipt", then system should auto select the location code as "RETURN" Is there…
  • Set up - Dimension types and dimensions

    Hi, Seasonal greetings ! This is to ask your support in dimension set up on sage x3 V12. We have done the following steps to enable a dimension on the payment/ receipt entry option ( manual check and petty cash screen), however its not displaying…

    Hi Sagians, I am getting below error when creating customer return. Any ideas to fix this. Sage version 11
  • Machine Inaccessible error

    Hi team, Someone kindly help, am getting the Machine Inaccessible error sometimes when I or my users have lock screens and am trying to terminate them. What might be causing this and how I can permanently resolve? Regards Emmanuel
  • Warning, it will no longer be possible to modify the document that originated this quality control. : Continue?

    My question really comes down to proper setup of the QC module for X3. When product is produced via a Work Order, it is setup as such that a Quality Analysis record will be created as well against that Lot/Sublot produce.. We enter QC, etc. and all…
  • india Legislation/localization

    Hi We plan to deploy Sage X3 in India next year. Does anyone did it before and have documents related to Localization / legislation? Thanks
  • Sage X3 Technical Help - "Global variables Module Supervisor" is empty

    I just noticed that there is an empty page displayed if the user clicks the "Global variables Module Supervisor" link in Sage X3 Technical Help: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/staticpost/global-variables-module-supervisor/ Could you please…
  • where are the sage official syntax highlight file ?

    where are the sage official syntax highlight file ? for example vim,eclipse,editplus
  • Failed to Upload file to Sage X3

    Hi All, I would like to seek your advice for issue I hit when I upload a file to Sage X3. I saw a warning " read econnreset". Regards
  • Nonexistent dimension value (XSTK Line 22)

    I get this error when I run the stock accounting interface. All the stock issues are created with Internal I ssues Module
  • Import transfert inter-site

    Bonjour, Pourriez vous m'aider à automatiser le transfert intersite sur sage X3 en passant par des imports ou autre solutions. merci
  • Inventory Replenishment

    Has anyone out there started using Sage X3 inventory replenishment functions from scratch. We are not using this function in any way at the current time, but we would like to start investigating it. Does anyone have any advice or overall tips to point…
  • Best Practice: Recurring Tasks

    I am seeking best practices as it pertains to recurring tasks. Has anyone built a way to schedule recurring tasks based on criticality and dependency? The common theme here seems to be related to it takes too much time or it never completes. In theory…
  • Illegal Character syntax error during copy folder on enterprise management

    Hello everyone. Please help. I get the error message when copy folder through enterprise management. The warning message : Folder Creation TEST1 (destination folder) <0001 @X3.TRT/AINSTCONS$adx (584) Error 5 : Illegal Character syntax error…
  • Sage x3 Account payable API

    I am new to Sage X3 and I need API for the account payable module. Can anyone help me providing the exact link to that module ? BdV en Linea
  • error- PAYLOT- record already exists

    I'm really hoping someone can help with this issue. A user is receiving the below error creating a payment however she has created payments in past and she is entering the asterisk on the Batch field so a new batch record is created but seems to be reverting…
  • entry batch counter

    I'm looking for where the Entry Batch counter is configured. As mentioned in previous question we are having issue with duplicate entry batch record being locked. If anyone knows would appreciate assistance. thank you
  • Delete/insert lines with SOAP web service

    Hi, I don't understand how to set up the parameters to insert and delete lines via web service; actually, I can't find much on those parameters in general (their definition, when should I use which, etc). A simple example would do the job as well, I…