• Why don't the version of Sage 50 I use has the VOID invoice button?

    Why don't the version of Sage 50 I use have the VOID invoice button?
  • How to adjust a duplicate payment to an invoice

    I recently paid an invoice through direct deposit, not realizing that our manager had already paid it using their visa card. The vendor doesn't have a refund policy, but we managed to reach an agreement with them. They agreed to consider the duplicate…
  • payroll

    I'm new at doing payroll for my company. We have piece work that I need to add to some employees how do I add the piece work amounts, so it shows up as a separate line showing piece work?
  • How do I reverse historical Invoices

    I came across an invoice, from 2022, that was duplicated and wish to reverse it, but I cannot because the transaction occured before the previous fiscal year. How can I remove this duplicate invoice?
  • Vendor overpayment

    I have paid the full amount twice for an invoice, how should I adjust for this overpayment?
  • Delete posted

    How can I delete my entry in general journal which I create and posted it
  • My Statement opening balance

    I am just NEW to this program so my books are just starting for 2024. Can I somehow change my statement opening balance for my visa in the reconciliation part of this program?
  • Journal entry in incorrect year

    Hi there, Not sure how to handle this journal entry. I did a recall recurring transaction journal entry for a reverse revenue accrual. This particular recurring transaction hadn't been used since 2022. I had created the entry and in error put Oct 3…
  • YE ADJ entries with US and CAD

    How can I enter adjustments in the same journal using both our CAD and USD bank accounts. I can only use one. CAD is our home currency. When I use the dropdown to USD for that account entry all is well, making entries with the other accounts that are…
  • Lease asset journal entry

    I believe I’ve entered my lease asset incorrectly last year. We have always had operating(rental) leases. But we leased a unit that we will complete the buy out on and own. i was strictly expensing the lease payment and gst. how do I correct this…
  • Reversing prepayment

    I am unable to delete this prepayment. I have tried to reverse but I get an error message "The amount owing for prepayments cannot be less than 0. Enter a greater amount than or equal to 0" I have tried to enter 0.00 but the same message appears.
  • Foreign Exchange A/R and A/P - Lingering Balances

    Our accountants would like me to clear up lingering currency exchange values in my A/R and A/P accounts. Note that I have quite a few currencies that we use. For A/R I thought I could fix it by entering an entry through the Sales Journal. This does get…
  • I accidently create a credit note for a customer? how do I cancel it

    Hello! there Subject Needed with Credit Note Removal I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I have encountered while attempting to rectify an error in our system. While updating a customer name on an invoice, I inadvertently generated…
  • Inventory

    I currently have Sage 50 in my business. Sometimes a sale invoice is produced before the new item is received into inventory mainly because my customers want to make a payment on the item. When I do the sales invoice it puts my inventory into a negative…
  • Payroll Year End

    Good Morning, after I Roll Payroll into the New Year 2024, and I have some differences I need to correct for CPP for the old year, can I still go back to the old year and make those adjustments?
  • GST return

    How do I reverse a GST return that has been filed but not paid in SAGE accounting
  • Sage Credit Card

    I'm trying to change what credit card Sage takes their monthly payment from me. I'm trying to change from my personal card to a corp VISA. No matter how I type it in the fields it constantly gives and error. I've triple verified all spelling, #'s etc…
  • Stolen Vendor Chq and cashed

    Hello, I have a situation where a vendor cheque was stolen and cashed. The bank has reimbursed us the funds but I am not sure how to post it back into Sage 50. I know that I have to debit the bank but I am not sure what the other side is. We did receive…
  • Change Account ID's

    Can someone help me change Account ID's? I have Sage Premium and I want to change some Account ID's? Apparently this can be done with the Accountant's version of Sage. Can someone do this for me?
  • Data inconsistencies because Retained Earnings is out

    Hi all, We work using terminal servers, and Sage was not being updated on all of the servers at the same time. This caused an issue in a Sage where retained earnings is out of balance. It is a partnership, so at the beginning of each year, we allocate…
  • Change Account Numbers

    Why am I able to change some account numbers but not others? I am working in Sage 50 Canada 2023. I am logged in as sysadmin in single user. I double click on some accounts and it will let me change the account number if I wanted to. But then other accounts…
  • Credit Note - Cannot delete and payment not showing

    Ok, I am using sage 50.. I have been struggling with this for hours.. I even had my accountant come over and help and I still cannot figure it out. I accidentally deleted an invoice before the payment which automatically created a credit. I have…
  • Completed Purchase Order

    Is there any way to uncomplete a completed PO? Or find the invoice of the completed PO? Thanks
  • Contractor Advances

    I have recently taken over the bookkeeping for the company I work for. The previous bookkeeper accidently paid out 4 separte contractors double payments in May which I caught just recently. She has set up a payroll clearing account and that account is…
  • Deposit reconciliation

    When I go to the deposit reconciliation for June 2023, a May 2023 deposit error message shows up. Say the May deposit must be removed. The amount is in red. Sage 50 agent had me make a reversing entry. The amount is still there after posting the reversing…