• Sage 50 canada IMP import error line numbers

    I have got our custom IMP file format working very well with all the info I've found on these forums. The one thing I am unable to figure out is how the line number of a failed detail corresponds to the IMP file. For example, I have "Line 126: Select…
  • Import from Quickbooks

    Hi I apologize if this has already been asked. I looked but the only info I found was from 10 years ago. I am getting a new client whose previous bookkeeper uses Quickbooks. Is it possible to import the Quickbooks data to my Sage 50? If so, how? Thankyou…
  • Importation d'écriture dans le journal général, de vente et d'achat

    J'aimerais savoir s'il est possible d'importer des écritures (transactions) dans Sage 50 Pro. Et si c'est possible, comment doit-on faire ? Est-ce que l'on doit avoir un fichier excel transformé en .csv ou autres ? Finalement, pouvez-vous me donner…
  • exporting quickbooks iif files

    Can I export quickbooks iif files from Quickbooks online? If yes, where do I find the iif files
  • Unhandled Exception Error

    Has anyone fixed the unhandled exception error when entering purchases or sales?
  • Duplicate .dat file for Supplier Direct Deposit upload

    Every time I upload a file for Supplier Direct Deposit, it creates 2 files: One with the name I created for the file and the other with the creation number. Example file #1 would be APDIRECT - John (this is the file I named and saved) and File #2 would…
  • files saved on iCloud not compatible with Sage

    Uploading a backup file I saved on icloud (in error!) Any one have a clear, step by step on how to move it so Sage can open it?
  • one drive save locations

    can someone tell me why sage isnt able to use cloud storage? especially now that every single file is cloud storage if you use onedrive, there is not a single folder on any computer I own that saves only locally, which, with the new 2024.0 update now…
  • Sage import for multiple company codes

    I import a CSV file for daily deposits. I import for over 30 different companies. The company codes consist of all numbers, all letters or a combination of letters and numbers. Our current code is for company codes that have numbers only: sComp…
  • Entreprises partagées

    Hier la connection ne foncionnait pas, cela devait être réglée dans l'après-midi. (Beaucoup de temps perdues ) Ce matin encore ce problème, vous me faites perdre beaucoup d'argent !! Pour quand le règlement de cette situation à chaque mise à jour…
  • cloud

    as-t-on du nouveau au sujet des entreprises partagées, ça ne fonctionne toujours pas ce matin
  • I need some help resotring from backup. It gives me an error saying a required file is missing.

    I need some help resotring from backup. It gives me an error saying a required file is missing. Could someone assist me please?
  • Entreprise partagée

    Est ce que la connection à distance est présentement en panne?
  • importer les paies dans SAGE ?

    Est-ce que quelqu'un utilise l'interface GL de EmployeurD pour importer les paies dans SAGE ?
  • Sage50 Premium Accounting - Remote access not syncing

    Hi all I have Sage50 premium accounting version 2024 installed on both my work laptop as well as the office desktop. I have been using one account to sign in on both computers to access the company file, allowing me to access the company file remotely…
  • Upgrade 2024

    Hi, I updated for version 2024 and I can open all my companies except one. I receive the following error message: An error has occurred. To protect your business data Sage 50 will shut down immediately. I tried to recover the backup copy and I still…
  • Moving Sage data from the cloud

    So, is there a way to move a client's data from their Sage Cloud account to Sage 50 Accountant version on our server (We are an accounting office that does bookkeeping for clients)
  • Integrity Summary inconsistencies A/R Prepayment account, Vacation pay, and Deposit Acct.

    Hi there, Our sage has multiple data inconsistencies due to high turnover in the office and having office staff attempt the bookkeeping. Due to this, i'd assume many incorrect entries have been made to cause so many inconsistencies. TOTAL DEBITS Data…
  • PAD / DPA

    Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir comment importer les débits pré-autorisés (DPA) dans Sage 50 à partir d'un fichier texte contenant les factures. Par exemple, pour importer un paiement par carte de crédit, on insère le type de paiement 3 et le nom de la carte…
  • Impossible d'ouvrir mon dossier d'entreprise avec la nouvelle version 2024

    Bonjour, depuis la mise à jour 2024 je ne suis pas capable d'ouvrir mon fichier d'entreprise. J'ai bien ouvert le fichier avec le nouveau raccourcie et j'ai essayé de restaurer a partir d'une sauvegarde sans succès. J'ai ce message d'erreur qui apparaît…
  • Data base engine error

    Is anyone else being asked to pay $900 plus on top of Client care to clean up error history??? Seems fishy to me. I just had 2023 installed and it was working and now i moved my computer to my desk it is not working. But....they can fix it in 2 hours…
  • Can't open program

    I can not open one of my Sage accounts. I received the message"Sage 50 Accounting cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error" Does anyone here know how I can fix this issue? Thank you! Betty-Ann
  • open file from restore

    Hi I start using Sage 50 Two days ago and I don't know anything about Sage. I download a back up for first time and I wanted to work on it but when I opened it from restore back up sage gave me that message file already exists, Do you want to replace…
  • Using a file on 2 devices

    When using a file on 2 different computers, should we select 'open the last company I worked on' or 'connect to a shared company'? One of our staff mostly uses our Sage files for all bookkeeping and reconciliations while another team member uses it…
  • Conversion logiciel Acomba vers Sage 50 Pro

    Bonjour, Est-ce possible d’importer les données du logiciel Acomba vers Sage 50? Si oui la procédure est-elle compliquée? Sinon que dois-je faire ? merci de répondre le plus tôt possible.