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  • Deposit Reconciliation

    We have a deposit on our bank statement which a refund from an AP vendor. How should I record this transaction in Sage 300 2018?
  • General Ledger adjusting entries

    Our Trial Balance Summary balances is out of balance due to computer error in March. We have identified what happened. Can we make an adjustment in G/L without affecting the sales accounts? Trying to avoid the dominoes from crashing into each other.
  • AR does not balance with BS

    I've looked at everything, but April's AR report does not match the Balance Sheet. There are no general ledger entries. Help?
  • Bank Rec

    hello! When I opened my bank rec it was out - $186,282.75?? When I closed I was balanced?? How did this happen. I have been scouring the accounts and nothing is standing out. I have review past bank recs and all is good? Please help!!!!
  • What is the best way to code inventory items that are being used in intracompany transactions, so the sales of those items can be recorded?

    We have purchased a company who is now making parts for us in house to sell to our customers. From an Accounting standpoint, do these finished goods parts need to be coded/identified differently in Sage so that we know how much money is being spent in…
  • 1 payment , multiple invoices

    How to record 1 payment for multiple invoices in Sage accounting online.
  • erreur réseau innatendue (0*0000003B)

    Bonjour Je me suis retrouvé déconnecté avec cette erreur erreur réseau innatendue (0*0000003B) et impossible de se reconnecter. Quelqu'un saurait il comment résoudre Bonne journée
  • Credit in AP

    How do you process a credit that zeros out an invoice in Sage 100 contractor.
  • how to unclear a check in bank reconciliation

    is it possible to unclear a cleared check within the bank reconciliation?
  • Test to Change Depreciation Methods

    Hello- my company is considering changing depreciation methods based on a newly commissioned cost segregation analysis. Is there a way to create a test run to try and determine what the impact of that change would be if we went back to Jan 1st?
  • Bank Reconciliations - out of balance with no unmatched transactions

    We recently started using Intacct bank reconciliations. We have an issue where the reconciliation is out of balance by $118 but we do not have any unmatched transactions. I have confirmed the bank balance and statement dates are correct. I also reciewed…
  • Reports

    Accounts Payable I am somewhat new to Sage, so forgive me if this is well known, but I am looking for a report that you can print that has all of the invoices marked as "Review" on the Status section of the invoice? Thanks
  • Asset being replaced by a Warranty from Manufacturer

    I have an interesting situation that came up from our most recent audit and I need help on how to handle next steps in Sage. Background: I am in the construction industry and we had two pieces of equipment on site that broke down much earlier than they…
  • cannot change banking credentials in SAGE

    I have changed my banking credentials in my online banking with TD. However, when I try to connect SAGE to my banking it gives an error that I need to change the credentials in SAGE (makes sense). When I click on the message I get a blank screen with…
  • Payments posted to invoice prior to invoice date (both AP and AR)

    Good Morning! Years ago, Sage support helped guide me with this problem when I had it once before, and in reaching out recently, they keep sending me info for transactions for prior year adjustments (no help). As we all know, if a payment is posted…
  • Bank reconciliation

    HI! someone knows how to identify the resolved transactions in the bank reconciliation? Thank you!
  • opening balance from 2021, how to reconcile stmt to bring up to date

    Hi there, I took over the book keeping for a company and the previous book keeper was not consistent with using the bank rec for the credit cards. The Company year end is Oct 1 - Sept 30th. I am trying to go backwards to clear out and reconcile 2022…
  • Bank Reconciliation

    What is the procedure to conduct bank reconciliation for a single month. Thanks.
  • Reconciliation

    I removed some transactions from a reconciliation. I need to reconcile them again. How do I do this?
  • Rapprochement bancaire

    Bonjour, je voudrais effacer plusieurs transactions de ma transaction bancaire, qui ont plus de 2 ans et que je traîne chaque mois. Je voudrais les enlever de là sans affecter mon compte bancaire, quel est la façon de le faire, merci.
  • Advances Account

    We are moving our development company from Quickbooks to Sage and with it we are having some challenges. For the development company we put a a good amount of charges on the books as advances for future and current projects. Then after we close on the…
  • Reconciliation

    Is there a way to remove imported bank information from reconciliation?
  • Item Valuation Report vs Count Sheet value

    Hi, I'm preparing for our annual inventory counts and having a valuation issue. When I run the Item Valuation report as of March 31st for a range of account sets and locations it gives me a total for each location. But when I generate the inventory…
  • EI and CPP Employer Portion not expensing to expense account

    When running payroll, our employer EI and CPP do not expense to an expense account. Why would this occur?
  • AP Retainage Invoices

    Can we connect a retainage AP invoice to the original invoice that the retainage was being held from to clear out the balance? For example: Invoice # 1234 is for $1000 with a $200 retainage. We write a check to the vendor for $800. The vendor sends…