• import cash receipt-> Before the Vendor Receipt can be imported, you must first import the Purchase Journal.

    getting error while import cash receipt using xml with interop.peachwserver.dll An error occurred while importing! This happened for Field Name: Reference Before the Vendor Receipt can be imported, you must first import the Purchase Journal. xml…
  • sage 50 server

    Can I use a windows 11 pro as a sage 50 server
  • Sage 50 and Fixed Assets

    Does Sage 50 Accountants Edition also include Fixed Assets Manager?
  • Cloud backup

    I am using Sage 50 US 2024. I am trying to integrate the 365 backup and am having problems with it. Can you help me?
  • point of sale integrtion

    Hi everyone. Am looking for any suggestion for a POS Software that fully integrates with sage 50 us or at least help me to make to process easiest... Thanks in advance
  • Sage 50 Accounting cloud

    Hi Team, Is there a cloud version available for Sage 50 Accounting? If yes, how can I obtain a trial version? Is there documentation available for the API for Sage 50 Accounting US?
  • Bar Code Systems That Work with Sage 50

    We're looking for inventory bar code systems that work with Sage 50. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  • Does any other CC processing work inside sage 50 besides having to use their paya?

    Apparently my cc processing company Stripe doesnt integrate with Sage 50 and I was looking at going to another company. Can anyone recommend one besides paya that integrates with sage?
  • Sage 50 to Sage HR Payslip Sync

    Good Morning, does anyone know how to sync only the CURRENT payslips from Sage 50 to Sage HR? My company has 2 payroll cycles: semi-monthly for full time and bi-weekly for part time. The sync picks up the part-timers prior checks when when we sync…
  • Moving to the Cloud

    We will soon be getting rid of our remote server and moving to the storage of our data to the cloud. I am unsure of how to get this process started in Sage. Can anyone provide me with a step by step set of instructions? I don't know what to do first!…
  • sage connection to microsoft 365 outlook

    I just installed Microsoft 365 and can not get Sage 50 to connect for emails. I confirmed Imap settings were correct with my provide. Any ideas?
  • Sage 50cloud experience has changed

    I have a message Your Sage 50cloud experience has changed. connect this company to your email address to: etc. I am in read only access. Advise.
  • Microsoft 365 and Sage 50 US in Panama

    Previously (in previous years) we have consulted about the integration of Sage 50 with Microsoft 365 in Panama, we were informed that it was temporarily not available for the area for geographical reasons. Our question is if it is already possible to…
  • What 3rd party app for shipping UPS and USPS right from invoice?

    What 3rd party software do you prefer for shipping ups or usps in Sage 50?
  • Sage 50 API Integration

    Hello all: I though we asked this question a few days ago but cannot seem to find it any longer??? Anyway ... We are investigating the API for cloud integration with our inventory software and we are looking to modify inventory from an Android scanner…
  • Integration with Sage HR

    We downloaded and installed the new version for 2024, everything looks good and we are excited about the HR integration. However, we have been trying for over a week and all we get is a pop up with "We are connecting your company to Sage HR." I see…
  • bill paying service

    Looking to implement a bill pay service. We've spoken with Bill.com. Are there other services that folks use?
  • Stripe payments wont load into customer account

    I noticed that the last 2 payments made using Stripe by customers don't appear in their account. Does anyone know how to get that feature back? I had one customer who paid on 9/16/23 and that payment reflects on his account. The next 2 customers paid…
  • Remote Data Access

    Hi, We upgrade sage 50 since last year to access remote data access but up until now we cannot use this. Many technician looks and navigate our system but could not able to activate this. Can somebody try to help us once again for this upgrade?
  • Looking for ShipGear replacement

    Is there a replacement for ShipGear? Preferably something that connects wtih actual UPS and FedEX software.
  • word error ! Not installed

    This problem started after installing sage 50 2020 on windows 11. Customer Labels and Letter still work on other computers running windows 10. Thank You, Johnny
  • Amazon Seller data

    Is there a simple solution to feed SAGE 50 with the Amazon Seller billing Account data?
  • Modules

    Are the POS Modules available in the US?
  • Remote Data Access

    Is Remote Data Access is included with the purchase of Sage 50 subscription?, example with Sage 50 Premium 2023 01 user?
  • Credit Card Integration

    We use Sage 50 software and need an online credit card integration system. Quickbooks online supports a credit card integration that is wonderful. The business owner decides who gets a card, their spending limit, etc. Charges show up automatically.…