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  • Incapable d'ouvrir Sage depuis l'authentification multi-facteurs

    Comment faire pour récupérer un code de récupération si le système nous en donne pas la possibilité afin d'ouvrir le logiciel Sage
  • USysSecurityRights.UserRights

    Hi! I am new to supporting Sage100, as I come from the world of Syteline. I have been asked to work on an SOD report for one of the branches I serve, and I am struggling with a piece of information I cannot find defined anywhere. What are the elements…
  • Edit Rights exceptions for Read Only Access screens in specific fields and tables on function screens

    Is there a way in Sage X3 to give users read only access to a function for all fields except for select fields? For example, we want to give people the ability to read all of the fields on GESITM except for some that we wish to allow then to edit, like…
  • I have this error for sage 300 people ESS users. What's not configured well?

  • Disabling all the fields in GESSRH function except the Returned Qty field based on function profile

    Hi, I have a request to disable all the fields from GESSRH function except the returned quantity field in the Grid for certain function profiles. I have tried Grizo all the fields and actzo the qty field but it does not seem to be working with Grid…
  • Firewall Ports for Sage 100 Advanced 64-Bit Installation

    I am installating Sage 100 v2024 on a new server so I thought I would take the plunge and install ONLY the 64-bit version. In opening/setting the ports for the firewall, I am defining the PROGRAM (not port) for the inbound port. In the KB on the topic…
  • User not able to see Print Code window

    I've been changing the functional profiles for users to be more restrictive, but now I have a user that says when they try to print the Record from a Sales Order the Print Code screen doesn't appear. It does when you select List though. What am I missing…
  • profile_load_locale_failed

    Sage X3 v12p33. AWS setup. Having an unusual error: profile_load_locale_failed Checking on console shows Error 403 (Forbidden). admin user is not affected. Regular user, on login, is affected. However, when using `Super administrator`…
  • safe X3 AdxAdmin process access

    Hi The service will run with localsystem account and for security reason will be monitor. We need to have a list of process that the service can call or lauch. Does such a list exists ? Thanks Yann
  • Vendor ACH Payment Setup Security

    Is there a way to security protect ACH data information on the Vendor Records from some users?
  • Question: LDAP user synchronization with multiple OU in root path.

    Hi, For Sage X3 v12p34. AD setup as follows: ``` Root ( - Microsoft OU (multiple). -- Guest -- Administrator - OU-SageAsia (OU) -- OU-A-TC (OU) --- U- OU-A-TC- J (User) - OU-SageUS -- OU-US-TC (OU) ---…
  • New Client

    I recently started with the Accountant Edition and I have a new client, I'm wondering what the best process is for accessing their Sage account. I have their login info, should I login and send an Accountants copy to myself or use Remote Data Entry?
  • Connexion bancaire avec RBC

    Bonjour. Quand j'essaie de connecter Sage Comptabilité à mon compte bancaire RBC, j'ai le message d'erreur suivant : Quelle méthode MFA de RBC est compatible avec le service en question ? Merci d'avance.
  • Sage300 Ver2024 - Cannot run macros

    I did a test install of Sage 300 V2024 on Windows 11, and loaded the SAMLTD database. I am unable to run macros - nothing happens when I click Run and select the macros (standard ones e.g. cashflow, getrates). I tried recording a simple macro to print…
  • Security Syracuse Server Hotfixes

    Kindly note the below Security Hotfixes has been released for Syracuse. The below Syracuse Components has been uploaded onto the Sage X3 ZA FTP Server and is available for download. Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse The Directory…
  • Sage 300 2024 Enhanced Security

    I read somewhere in the Enhanced Security Sage 300 documentation that Sage 300 User security policies, such as password expiry, are now enforced by Windows Account Policies on the machine with MS SQL Server containing the Store and Vault databases. …
  • SSL certificate - SAGE X3 V12

    There is SSL certificate is installed on SAGE X3 V12 on port 443, and it is working well, we have also website work on IIS on the same server. We want install SSL for it but 443 is reserved for SAGE X3. After we checked we found that Apache use port…
  • How to set user permissions

    I just added a new user to sage100 but that user would only need to access the project menu 6, how do I remove access to everything else?
  • Error viewing security set up and accessing data via ODBC after updating to 2024.0.1

    After applying the 2024.0.1 update, our BI processes started failing with permission errors on the ODBC connection. When I tried to verify the settings and look at the user details, I get the following error: A Managed exception was caught in CUserListView…
  • Verification code - randomly being sent

    Hi there So I logged in yesterday - uploaded some banking data. Closed out a couple hours later. I have since then received a text notice - twice - from my bank - sending me a new verification code. Like the system or someone is in the account and…
  • Question on Syracuse's nodelocal.js's port and x3key

    Hi, Reference used: For the exports.config JSON payload fields: ``` port: x3key: ``` [1] What is `x3key`? [2] For `port`, what should I put here? Assuming…
  • is Sage FAS capable of federating its authentication using SAML or OAuth2? Is Sage FAS capable of integrating with Active Directory Domain using Kerberos?

    is Sage FAS capable of federating its authentication using SAML or OAuth2? Is Sage FAS capable of integrating with Active Directory Domain using Kerberos? Is Sage FAS capable of integrating with Active Directory domain using NTLM? Is Sage FAS capable…
  • I upgraded from 2023 to 2024 SAGE 300 but when I tried to login on the web screen, it gave me below error

    when i try to logging via http locally, any help please
  • URGENT (Error: program file problem cannot find program file)

    Hi all, When I login to Sage 300 ERP and click any icon inside, it will prompt the error message as below. May I know how to solve this problem? Many thanks.
  • Does SEI support MFA?

    Does SEI support MFA when logging in to SEI?