• 941 Report - use Period End Date or Check Date?

    What is the difference between running a payroll report by period end date and running it by check date?
  • Payroll check not printing.

    I have an employee who's check is processed but will not print. It's a $0 check because it's all going to 401K but it should still complete the payroll process.
  • Federal W-4 Filing Status

    What is the difference between Married and Married M2 in Sage? Which one would I choose for Married Filing Separately?
  • Keying issues

    When I'm entering time for an example when i enter 8hours it is entering .08. I have changed keyboards and everything. Anyone have a solution?
  • Contracts

    Can a JOB have more than 1 contract attached and if so HOW do we do that? We have one project but two separate scopes of work and the want to different SOV's for the progress billilng?
  • Emailing Stubs in Direct Deposit

    My company is currently considering switching to direct deposit from paper checks. I think I've more or less figured out how setting up direct deposit works, but what I haven't been able to find is if emailing pay stubs is possible with Sage 300 CRE?…
  • Multiple Direct Deposits

    Is it possible to setup multiple direct deposits for one employee?
  • If I forgot to close January P/R before starting first payroll for February 2,

    can I still close January while the payroll entries for February are processed but still in the new file?
  • NYS PFL New Tax Deduction Setup

    The NYS Paid Family Leave tax that was setup with this last update is not calculating properly. It does not factor in the cut off for the allowable weekly limit. The max allowable weekly earnings of $1,718.15..or $6.40 per week for a contribution in total…
  • Payroll

    I am looking for Sage users that outsource payroll and the benefits or drawbacks.
  • job cost

    I need a report that shows all employees that worked on a certain job on a certain day. Can someone help me?
  • Payroll Tax with zero percent

    We have finally done the impossible...we have kept a steady group of employees and have "earned" a 0% rate on our Iowa State Unemployement. Problem....every check that I processed this first payroll run gave me the warning of no amount/formula for tax…
  • Aatrix Update

    Trying to run the Aatrix Update that comes up with I try to go into Payroll/Federal e-file and Reporting and keep getting an error that various files are failing to update because the process is in use by another program. I don't have anything else open…
  • Quarterly Employee Count Report

    I have just run my Quarterly Payroll Reports. My Quarterly Employee Count Report is missing 4 employees. But these 4 missing employees have wages on the rest of the reports (Subject to Employer & Subject to Employee). The one thing in common with these…
  • certified payroll time entry

    I have non-certified time entered into PR through the standard time sheet entry that is flowing into the DAILY DISTRIBUTION Table. The employees are not marked for certified in the Employee Setup. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  • Import Foundation Payroll to Sage 300 CRE

    How do I import payroll data from an outside 3rd party (Foundation) into Sage 300 CRE?
  • Lookup Function - Pay Rate Table

    I'm trying to create a formula to pull rates setup on the Pay Rates table in PR. The Fields I used are "Employee" and "Job". When i use the lookup function on a custom public formula to look up a rate from my table i get an error "Too many Parameters…
  • Report showing employee hours and wages

    I m looking for a report that shows employees hours and wages
  • Puerto Rico Withholding Tax Exemption

    Within 300CRE, has anyone been able to successfully implement Puerto Rico withholding taxes when a Withholding Exemption Certificate with Form 499R-4.1 is claimed by the employee? I am wondering if the PRSWH tax formulas in Sage need updating to account…
  • Payroll Providers

    We currently process payroll in house but are considering outsourcing. We are looking at Miter, Proliant and Paychex. Does anyone have any experience with these vendors or any others in regards to the payroll posting journals? Specifically making sure…
  • WA PFML Tax form Q3 2023

    Good Afternoon, I just ran the WA PFML tax form. On the employee wage detail page, the amount for column "WA CARES WAGES" is zero. Why does the information not pulled in automatically like the "Taxable PFML WAGES". We have lots of employees and…
  • Payroll Fringe Adjustments and Void/Reissue issues with 941 Prep report

    Hi, I have a couple of Payroll related adjustment questions. 1. It appears that when we void/reissue a payroll check, the void is offsetting the 941 Preparation report (as it should), but the reissued check is not being included in the 941 Preparation…
  • COPFL Colorado Paid Family Leave

    The COPFL eFile from Atrix on Sage 300 CRE Version 23.1 will only submit electronically (as required by the State of Colorado) if you pay Atrix to eFile it for you. The State will take a csv file upload, but the Atrix filing will only print in pdf and…
  • Payroll Tax Calculation

    I have an employee who is questioning what percentage that Sage is calculating versus what he thinks it should be based on the tax table. If I take his taxable wage per check annualized then he should have 24% withholding but Sage is calculating 18.7…
  • Voluntary Term Life premium

    We offer optional life insurance on a payroll deduct, post tax. Tax withheld then premium taken. We learned an employee was paying a premium on a policy that wasn't active. We no longer use that company (sine 7/1/22) we are giving those premiums back…