• Square setup in sage

    how do i set up square in my banking
  • Paper bank statements

    Hi, Im just having my accounts set up in Sage. There are three years of paper bank statements from this business that for some reason we cannot have in downloadable format. Pretty much everything in the business was done old school until now. Is there…
  • Verification code - randomly being sent

    Hi there So I logged in yesterday - uploaded some banking data. Closed out a couple hours later. I have since then received a text notice - twice - from my bank - sending me a new verification code. Like the system or someone is in the account and…
  • How can I change receivable sales invoice numbers? (sage online accounting)

    How can I change the receivable Sales Invoice Numbers? I have to enter different types of revenue as invoices, and use unique numbering for different department invoices. In the settings the I am unable to disable the "Next Invoice Number" setting.…
  • It looks like we're experiencing a technical problem.

    Trying to see transactions on my linked bank accounts gives me this error. Trying to disconnect the banks also gives me this error. My fiscal year end date is set to 12/31/2024. Anyone have an idea?
  • Sage Accounting for Self Employed

    Is there no module for adding inventory or services in this version of Sage?
  • Quote

    Can I add an accept or decline function on a quote for our clients? Making it legally binding that they have accepted/ declined the quote?
  • PST and GST Exemption for customers

    Hi we just signed up for SAGE Accounting and currently setting up SAGE, How do I set the PST and GST or tax exemption for customers ? In my current accounting system when I include the PST number in the system for each customer, the invoices automatically…
  • Invoicing

    Hey there! I am wondering if there is a way to manually generate my invoice numbers when I am creating my invoice right in the create an invoice screen? I know that I can change it in my settings but this means that I have to go into my settings every…
  • Chart of Accounts

    Where would I find the Chart of Accounts in Sage Online and am I able to edit these?
  • Can I Invite an accountant to my subscription of Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start?

    There is no link or option to invite or connect to an accountant under Manage Business Account. Is that because that is not an option with this product?
  • Products and services

    How do I change a customer from non-stock to service so I can set the rate amount? I don't recall seeing a option to set non-stock or service or any other setting. It shows the setting under "type" on the main screen of the Products and Services tab…
  • Where you I find my account number?

    Hi, completely new and set up a 3-month trial. Wish to brush up on free brush up on bookkeeping skills. It says I need an account number for that? Where do I find that on the free trial?
  • How to set up sales tax on invoice

    I have imported all of my contacts. As I am billing I am noticing that all of my products are being billed at 0 Rated. Any suggestions on how we can fix this?
  • Inactivating old customers and vendors

    When I used the desktop Sage version it would notify me if I was trying to enter an inactive vendor or customer so that I could reactivate it and not have to create the same name again. Is this possible using Sage online?
  • Users with Full Access cannot view Banking Transactions

    Hi Everyone and SAGE I have multiple users that are not able to access "Incoming Bank Transactions". I as a owner I can but the other users who have full access are not able to Transactions under Banking view. Does anyone else run to this problem? …
  • Changing the Font Size

    How do I change the font size on the various screens?
  • Can't get my accountants Email to work

    Hi, I've tried adding my accountant to my users, but I keep getting an error message that the email is invalid. I don't understand, as I use that email to correspond with the accountant regularly. Yes, it's typed correctly. It's an active email with Cogeco…
  • Linking my bank

    When I try and link my bank Sage says it needs access to all my accounts when I just want to link my business account and business credit card. Any idea on how to link only the accounts I need?
  • Looking to move away from using excel for bookkeeping, have some questions for users and not live chat if you can spare a moment

    Hi All, Ok, so I have been in business for 23 years. I do all my bookkeeping in excel. I'm looking to finally move into an actual accounting software. I've tried quickbooks and... I dislike it. I *could* make it work, but it is too user friendly and obfuscates…
  • Sage Portal password reset

    I don't interact with Sage too much, just pay for the product and do my work. As will happen, my credit card on file with Sage is set to expire so I went to the Portal to update my payment information. After a few tries to log in it said that the account…
  • add an inclusive tax code for gst

    My expenses have GST included in the price. How do I create a tax code to reflect this?
  • link and A/R customer to an I/C category?

    Can an A/R customer link to an I/C category? We need to map G/L accounts based on customer type. We have the customer types setup as I/C categories which include mapping to the correct G/L accounts. However, we can't find a way to a link customers to…
  • Multiple companies

    Does Sage Accounting allow for multiple companies with a one user license?
  • Attachment icon

    Is there a way to display the attachment icon when viewing transactions? When I click on banking, and go to view the transactions for a bank account, I can see all transaction, but cannot see if a file is attached to it unless I open each transaction…