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  • How do I make it so that the Entitlements that we use to track sick days do not get printed onto the paycheque or stub?

    Right now I use the entitlements tab in the paycheque journal to track sick days, flex days, vacation days (in addition to the vacation tab) etc. These are not actual defined entitlements in the contracts of the employees. I am just using this tab to…
  • Payroll check not printing.

    I have an employee who's check is processed but will not print. It's a $0 check because it's all going to 401K but it should still complete the payroll process.
  • Payroll Entry Unbalanced

    We posted a payroll entry that wasn't balanced. From looking at it, it appears that we used an earnings code that wasn't liked to a GL account and now the trial balance is unbalanced. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and see how they…
  • Benefits entry

    Hi, How to post the journal entries for the paying the benefits statement to the benefits company at the beginning of the month the employee and employer portion is automatic out of the account. How to post the payroll entry with the employee deduction…
  • Payroll Entries

    Hi, have never used the payroll function in sage for very long. I want to confirm how to deal with the payroll entries specifically with relation to benefits. I cannot find an answer. We enter the paycheck into Sage and then we pay it online manually…
  • Bank Holiday Pay dates

    If you're paying your employees on a different date to usual, for example a day earlier to account for a Bank Holiday, you still submit your FPS as normal. The key is to ensure you still enter the usual date that you pay your employees. Read more >
  • Sage 50 - adding Payroll

    I am considering purchasing Sage 50 from Amazon for my business. We are a contractor / manufacturing business and I had used Quickbooks for 15 + years and they no longer have the version that I was using, and there new version is extremely costly. I…
  • Error when opening payroll reports - Access violation in module Task0150.exe

    Hello! We process our payroll in Sage BusinessWorks. After printing checks, we print out the Check Register report. We had no problems last week; however, after printing checks and attempting to open the register report today, we got the following error…
  • Payroll

    Extra state withholding will not work. Shows on employee field, but will not take out. This started after last tax update. How do I fix?
  • Employee Advance Showed Up - Sage 50 Desktop

    After rolling forward to a new year an employee suddenly had a payroll advance show up that was never issued and we can't figure out where it came from. The Employee Detail Report shows no advances ever being issued and the amount is very odd. The balance…
  • Payroll Error= 80(Conflict)

    Good day Is there anyone that has experienced the below error as we started getting it yesterday after the update to version 2025.1 and did the legislative update. We have spoken to Sage Support and even they have never encountered the error and they…
  • ROE's with RSP's

    I have a problem that when entering the information through Sage for an ROE before uploading to CRA, On the Sage side if an employee has RSP's a portion paid by the Employer, it includes it in the Gross Income when you run reports but the ROE itself excludes…
  • VIP Payroll invalid class string error

    Hi We are getting the below error when we try to restore a backup on VIP Premier payroll: "Invalid class string (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800401F3(CO_E_CLASSSTRING)) COBOL error at 005C4F in vipsal.acu" Can someone assist please?
  • Timecard Hours Only

    We book payroll by journal entry BUT I'm wanting to post the hours from a timecard - no dollars - nothing to the GL - only total hours to the jobs/work orders listed on the timecard. Is this possible?
  • Jury Service

    We have an employee who had attended jury service and we top up the court loss of earnings allowance to full pay. I'm trying to set up a deduction in Payroll settings for Jury Service and the Sage Payroll guide says the following How do I set up a…
  • Federal W-4 Filing Status

    What is the difference between Married and Married M2 in Sage? Which one would I choose for Married Filing Separately?
  • Keying issues

    When I'm entering time for an example when i enter 8hours it is entering .08. I have changed keyboards and everything. Anyone have a solution?
  • Sage Intacct Transition

    Hello, Is anyone evaluating or making the transition to Sage Intacct? This is something I have been looking at for a while and sort of keep pushing off. However, I would really like to connect with someone who has made the transition, specifically from…
  • Contracts

    Can a JOB have more than 1 contract attached and if so HOW do we do that? We have one project but two separate scopes of work and the want to different SOV's for the progress billilng?
  • How to fix issues with Payroll Tax Formulas

    I am in the process of setting up Payroll in a new company. We already have payroll set up in another company and are trying to recreate their settings in the new one. I tried using import/export, but for various reasons 98% of the information wouldn…
  • Need to make an entry that removes a small amount of CPP, EI, and Tax that were accumulated in the payable in error.

    There is a small amount of CPP EI and TX that were accumulated in error in the first week of January due to the way that I had to transpose the paycheques from one payroll file into the current Sage 50 Canada file. How do I best remove this, without attributing…
  • Need Help Urgently regarding Pastel Payroll

    I am busy processing salaries. Pastel Payroll closed itself and from there I can not continue to process salaries. All our employee salaries need to be paid tomorrow. All tabs on my program are grayed out including Backup Company, Edit Employees,…
  • Emailing Stubs in Direct Deposit

    My company is currently considering switching to direct deposit from paper checks. I think I've more or less figured out how setting up direct deposit works, but what I haven't been able to find is if emailing pay stubs is possible with Sage 300 CRE?…
  • 2FA for Sage One Payroll & Sage One Accounting

    Good day, When will 2FA be available for Sage One Payroll & Sage One Accounting login's?
  • Cant retrieve a back up - anyone else that cant retrieve any backups today?

    Cant retrieve a back up - anyone else that cant retrieve any backups today?