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  • How do I buy this?

    Looking to buy sage 100 contractor and the field service management
  • Second user

    Downloaded sage premium for 2 users and created her on the account but she is still not able to log in
  • Suitable Azure SQL Services

    Our client is running Sage 300 Premium edition. They are planning to migrate to Azure. Can SAGE application run on Azure Managed Instance MSSQL (PaaS) or Install MSSQL on Virtual Machines (IaaS)
  • Azure App Service Compatibility

    Our client is running Sage 300 Premium edition. They are planning to migrate to Azure. Can SAGE application run in Azure App Service
  • Suitable Azure VM

    Our client runs Sage 300 Premium edition version 2022. They want to migrate to Azure. What kind of Azure VM model is suitable for the SAGE application
  • login issue after upgrading to sage 2024

    There is an existing problem on this link, but no one has a real solution to the problem. Ask a question login issue after upgrading to sage 2024 Can you provide the solution to the problem? Backing up and restoring is not a solution that I need. thanks…
  • Sage 50 obsolescence updating will custom settings be automatically transferred

    We have a Sage 50 old version that needs to be updated to the new 2024 version. We run Sage 50 on a network on a cloud server. When we update, will the customized settings and formats (printing, reporting) be automatically transferred to the new version…
  • Incorrect Sequence number getting generated

    Hello, While creating intersite transfer, I selected a doctype (GMI), but the generated entry number doesn't match the sequence number format set up for the doctype; instead, it follows the sequence for another doctype (INT). Oddly, when I choose a…
  • Upgrade

    We have a 2013 windows 07 format and we just transferred to Windows 11 and are in need of updating our Sage Timeslips, how do we do that? Can you help us please
  • Sage 300 V2021 work with hypervisor and M365 Office without issues.

    Hi, I cannot find in the Sage 300 version 2024 system compatibility or online any mention of Sage 300 V2024 working with Hypervisor and M365 Office software. Is anyone using Hypervisor and or M365 with version 2024 and if yes are there any issues…
  • Sage Fixed Assets version 2024.1 system requirements for SQL server 2016

    Hi, I am upgrading my Sage Fixed Assets Premier client this weekend from version 2022.1 to 2023.1 then 2024.1. The system requirements for version 2024.1 state MS-SQL server must be at SP3 but the client is only on SQL version 2016 SP2 will 2024.1 work…
  • Sage x3 Dashboards

    Hello everyone Our custom dashboards are giving the error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'xtype')" right after login. One minute they work then the next they are giving the error. Has someone ever encountered this issue and how can i…
  • Using Sage BusinessWorks 2021 or 2023, check your versions to make sure you are up to date

    To verify your version access Help, About and the first full line should state Sage BusinessWorks Accounting (Version 202x SPx). For Sage BusinessWorks 2021 it should be SP19 and for 2023 it will be SP5. It is recommended that all users download and…
  • Moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to Single User 2024

    Looking to see what the options are for moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to a single user installed on a single workstation of 2024. Just started working with a client and discovered they are running this version and its running on a Windows…

    When I enter the serial number in SAGE "about" it wont accept it on the update window.
  • Still using One-Write Plus

    I have a client who is running One-Write Plus on an ancient Win95 Gateway computer. I think I've finally convinced them to upgrade before the machine dies. What is the best way to move One-Write data over to Sage? Thanks!
  • 2023 to 2024

    I currently have Sage 2023 on a server and want to upgrade to 2024. Do I have to uninstall 2023 or do I just install the 2024.0 upgrade update version and not the full install? Below are my current choices. Same question for the client on workstations…
  • Sage 300 2023 SP5 authentication method

    When upgrading to Sp5 and using the new security model I have trouble making users with the Sage 300 authentication method. It indicate that a password needs to have at least 1 upper or lower case value and a special character but that is not set in the…
  • Server Upgrade - Atlanta Area

    I need to upgrade my server from Server 2012R2 to something more current so I can run Paya Click2Pay. Does anyone know of a company or person in the Atlanta area with experience that can help me with this upgrade ?
  • Sage 300 CRE version 24

    I had planned my Sage 300 CRE upgrade for tonight and can't download version 24 just released. What am I doing wrong?!
  • Network and Workstation Issue

    I have just now upgraded to 2024 Sage 50 on the server and have tried to download and connect a workstation. We have paid for the services for a long time but never used another workstation before. I think I have gotten where I need to be but I am getting…
  • How do I contact Sage 50 USA by phone?

    Hello Sage, I am looking to get my serial number for Sage 2024.1. I tried calling 8**-***-2526. Can I have the best number to reach sage customer support? I am looking to talk to an actual sage repersentative. Regards Robert Cook
  • Unable to open company

    I am trying to open a company to convert to Sage 50 US 2024. It was working fine before I upgraded to 2024.
  • Sage 50 2024 won't open or show splash screen

    I recently upgraded Sage 50 from 2023 to 2024. The program worked fine for 2 weeks and it suddenly stopped working today. I have tried the following: 1. Repaired the software 2. Uninstalled 2024, reinstalled it from scratch. 3. Uninstalled any…
  • Simply Accounting old version migration to newer

    I'm using my original version of Sage (2017) Is there a newer version available to buy and download that is not cloud base? I need to upgrade but want a downloadable version i.e. maybe a 2019? Is this still available?