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  • Windows 11 compatibility

    I'm running Sage 50 Release 2014.2 on Windows 10. I've just upgraded my PC to Windows 11, what version of Sage must I have to work with all my existing Sage files and records?
  • Sage 300 2024 w/PU1 Sage 300 Cannot Connect to Signon Manager - Resolution

    Brand new install of Sage 300 2024 and PU1 on 2019 Server and 2019 SQL Server - not new workstations. Always have problems with the same 2 out of 6 workstations (all within 1-4yo) when it comes to Sage 300 workstation installs. I'm putting this out here…
  • installation of sage fixed asset network edition 2024

    Hello , I was trying to download exe of sage fixed asset network edition 2024 but i am getting below message. I want to contact to sage support person, could you provide me support email so that i can discuss.
  • Sage Partner Cloud SQL Migration

    Does anyone know the process to migrate on prem Sage 100 Premium SQL to SPC SQL?
  • Sage 50 2024 upgrade does not accept current serial number

    Sage 50 2024 upgrade does not accept current serial number - The upgrade wizard automatically populates our serial number, but after clicking Next, it says the serial number is invalid. How can we get past this?
  • Sage CRM 2021 R2 Upgrade - Tomcat not installed post upgrade

    I have upgraded our test crm server from 2018 R2, to 2018 R3, then 2012 R2. The installer hung right at the end of install process (I left it for an hour!) so I was forced to reboot. After the reboot I could not see Tomcat 9 so I ran the "crmservice.bat…
  • Upgrading from

    Hi there, I trust you are well. I'd like to upgrade my company database from to the latest version. I don't know where to get the installer files, and Is there a guide / procedure for this process?
  • Customer Number Change must be upgraded, but how?

    When attempting a Customer Number Change as part of the day-end process the day after upgrading Sage 300 - 2022's Payroll module to version 8, we encountered the following error: Error: Newer version of US Payroll was detected. Customer Number Change…
  • V30

    If you have a mix of 32bit & 64bit machines on your network what do you do?
  • Mixing 64 bit and 32 bit installations

    Hi, All of our workstations are running Window 10 Pro 64-bit including our 'server'. However, the workstations are running a 32-bit version of Office. So, a couple of questions/scenarios 1, If I update the server to Sage 64-bit Data Manager and…
  • Upgrading to Payroll 8.0 in Sage 300 2022

    Has any documentation been released for upgrading to Payroll 8.0 for versions of Sage 300 prior to 2024? Additionally, will a separate download of the Payroll 8.0 installer be made available or will it be necessary to use the installer bundled with…
  • Sales Analysis questions

    new install v2.24 on server. upgrading from V2017. problems with Sales Analysis. 1. when click on most buttons, we get this error: 2. When click on Retrieve Details, this screen appears for a few seconds, then disappears. Please help.
  • Client.bat fresh installs on workstations fail after upgrading server to 2024.0.1

    After installing the 2024.0.1 update on Sage 50 2024 server, new workstations attempting a fresh install via the client.bat file fails with error: "The installation file refers to an invalid Sage 50 Accounting 2024 centralized company data location."…
  • how can i Transfer Files and Information from an Old Simply Accounting Program Running on Vista to Sage 50 2024 Version

    My Accountant is Retiring and is Currently utilizing an Old Simply Accounting Program Running on Windows Vista 7 I believe, it it possible to Transfer this Information to the Current Saga 50 Accounting 2024 Program?
  • Upgrading from Sage 50 US 2022 to 2024.0.1

    Looking for some recommendations on upgrading from Sage 50 US 2022 version to the 2024.0.1 version. We skipped the 2023 version due to the many online complaints regarding issues with the version for companies with large data sets. Now we are preparing…
  • Read-Only access after 4/1/24 What versions of Sage 300 will turn off

    A customer got this message by email. "Your Sage 300 ERP system is severely out of date and needs to be upgraded, or it will default to "read-only mode" on or before 4/1/2024." What version(s) of Sage 300 is affected by this? For example, Sage 300…
  • Updating Premier Fixed Assets To Version 2023.1

    Hello, I know there are instructions on the Sage website for updating Sage premier fixed assets from Version 2022.1 to 2023.1. I was wondering if anyone had instructions for this update if you’re not going through the Sage advisor, and are just updating…
  • Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

    I am moving client from Sage 2020 to Sage 2024 and in doing so the Sage Business Intelligence Reporting has changed and I am looking for find out how to move the templates from BXDATA\SQL folder into new reporting folder. Can anyone let me know the process…
  • Recent message in versions of Timeslips that are NOT Premium re: need to upgrade...

    I have had a couple of my Timeslips customers contact me today about a message that they are getting when they launch Timeslips 2019 and 2020 telling them that they should upgrade because " Versions of Sage Timeslips before build will no longer…
  • Upgrade from 2010 to 2024

    I want to upgrade my Sage from 2010 to 2024. I was told that I would have to upgrade to 2015 first (the 30 day trial version) and then to 2024. I can't seem find the Trial Version of 2015.
  • hh2 ProCore/Sage year-end upgrade

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know if there is anything more to do in order to update the hh2 ProCore/Sage integration from the year-end Sage 300 CRE upgrade than to stop and start the 2 hh2 services on server in services.msc? Thank you, Jason
  • Recherche consultant SAGE 50 Canada- Rive-sud Montréal

    Bonjour, Nous sommes à la recherche d'un consultant qui connaît Sage 50 Canada afin de nous aider avec de petits problèmes de mise à jour sur notre serveur. Merci
  • When updating from 22.2 to 23.1 I get an error 23.1 Update1 Not Applied Patch is invalid for currently installed software.

    When updating from 22.2 to 23.1 I get an error 23.1 Update1 Not Applied Patch is invalid for currently installed software. I followed knowledge base Solution ID 231218231120420 Error: "Patch is invalid for currently installed software." when installing…
  • If we are on 20.5.1 are we eligible to update to the newer versions?

    I have no idea why we haven't been updating and our interface looks very old school. We seem to be using an outdated version of sage. Is there a way to update on our own, or should we reach out to our individual Sage Reps.
  • Businessworks 2021 vs 2023

    I currently am using Businessworks 2021 and just installed the most recent service pack. Is there any reason that I should upgrade to the 2023 version? Are there benefits? Thanks in advance for your help.