• [X3-Online-help] Question about the new online help

    When I press this: I get greeted with this page: online-help.sagex3.com/.../Home.htm When I tried to use the old link, I get: https://online-help.sagex3.com/erp/12/ I remember on old link, there are videos that taught the basics of using…
  • keypairgenerationerror while installing VT web server

    Hi everybody, I don't understand this error so don't know what you to do : Thank you for your help !
  • V12 : ADC with Telnet

    Hi, Does anybody know if telnet (VT220) is still compliant with V12 ? We made a lot of developments in the previous version and we would like to keep them, at least for a few months after the migration to V12. Thank you
  • Sage X3 Technical Reference Guide

    Please, where can i download Sage X3 Administration or Technical reference Guide for my use as the System Administrator?
  • Installing Web Scheduler Version 2023 (2.0.3006 to be more exact)!

    Hi Community, Back in Dec 2023, had a bit of fun (actually a lot) with installing new version of Web Scheduler 2023 (after a year using previous versions 2022) but eventually succeeded and was able to log in (well only through Edge, not Chrome or FireFox…
  • SAGE X3 UP 9

    Hello Hello to all the Sage Community, I introduce myself i m from TUNISIA and i work on Sage Solutions since 1998 so about 26 years and i wonder if in this Community of philantrop and experience is there a Virtualmachine or Plateform to access to…
  • web scheduler - Error on Load properties from configuration manager

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help with this, we are trying to install Web-Scheduler 2023 U1 (graphQL version) as a brand new install. We have gone through all the pre-requisites including creating self signed certificate and installing latest sage services…
  • Mexico Legislation

    Hello - Is there a Sage X3 legislation add-on for Mexico? Thank You
  • Inquiry About Installation Path Error and SQL Version Compatibility

    I'm encountering an error when attempting to determine the installation path. Could this issue be related to the version of my SQL database? Is it possible that my SQL version is higher than the supported version?
  • Econnreset read on Create "Customization and Menus initialization"

    Hi, I'm doing try install version 12.0.27 and when I start create "Customization and Menus initialization" the aplication returns "econnrest read" like picture below: Any suggestion ? Thanks
  • X3Services: Failed to load language for zh-CN : Error: The first argument must be of type string or an instance of Buffer, ArrayBuffer, or Array or an Array-like Object. Received undefined

    Hi all, Database server: Oracle Language: ZH-CN (Simplified Chinese) After installing and configuring X3Services, the xtrem service is loading for a very long time. How do I resolve this error? From xtrem log: ``` 14204 | 000102 | 08…
  • Sage Implementation Resource Tool Kit

    Hello, Just started Sage X3 trainings but can't seem to locate the tool kit anywhere, please help with direction. Regards
  • The folder version is different from the version of the root folder V11

    Hello, I had to reinstall the application server due to some reasons. After installing I got an error message "The folder version is different from the version of the root folder" Pilot folder patch level is PU14. I have seen e article saying that need…
  • [V12.34] Native JSON parser

    Hello Everyone! The V12.34 release notes describes the Native JSON parser: Where can I find the JSON instructions documentation?
  • [v12p34] Connection to server failed : X3 engine error: <<masked>>/runtime_Release_release_R096.<<masked>>/sqlodbc.cpp.564. : ini_com:Variable dimension:!(2)

    Hi, After I updated the Sage X3 components from v12p33 to v12p34, when I login to syracuse: Connection to server failed : X3 engine error: <<masked>>/runtime_Release_release_R096.<<masked>>/sqlodbc.cpp.564. : ini_com:Variable dimension:!(2)
  • [v12p34] Regarding installation Powershell 7 in Database Server

    Hi, Referring to document: online-help.sageerpx3.com/.../prerequisites_overview.html In most cases, I cannot physically (RDP/SSH) access the database server (I am using AWS RDS and SQL Server AG cluster instance). What can I do in this case for…
  • How do I get sage x3 console access on Linux

    Hello Team, Please guide me to install Sage X3 on Linux system. Thanks Ashish
  • [Sage X3 Console] Configure Application: ERROR - Error while executing x3v12_CrUsr.bat : NOK. (LibAdm.RunCreateUserSQLMainNT)

    Sage X3 Console. Mistake on writing the Manual configuration of the SQL Server. When Configure Application, I got this error. ``` 10/31/2023 7:43:06 PM : WARN - 10/31/2023 7:43:06 PM : ERROR - Error while executing x3v12_CrUsr.bat : NOK. (LibAdm…
  • About Sage X3 Powershell 7's SQL Server module installation

    Hi, Referring to: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/public/getting-started_sage-erp-x3-installation-procedure.html According to this: ALERT: SQL Server PowerShell module Is it fixed and safe to use latest SQL Server module for Powershell…
  • Patching Error

    Hi Installing a patch in the updates function on the administration menu you might get an error saying it cant retrieve the X3 Folder version when you are in Single user Mode. This error happens when you press test Patch but also in the Apply patch…
  • Sage X3 Hardware Requirements

    Hi All, My Google has failed me and I cannot seem to locate the system requirements to run an on Prem Sage X3 server for 30 users. I tried to call sales, but after an hour on hold, I gave up. I am sure there is a document somewhere that tells me how…
  • How to change user Adonix service

    Hello every body I have a old version of Adonix ==> v140 in a windows 2003. I must put this server in workgroup for security. But the problem is that adonix service user is an AD account. How can I change this user?? I tried to change but…
  • r[w] is not a function

    Hi, Sage X3 v12p33, installed fresh, direct from Sage X3 v12p33 ISO disc Windows Server 2022 - Standard Note that I have ENG as always licensed and addition BRI licensed as well. Syracuse: I have not touched nodelocal.js so this Sage KB not…
  • Sage X3 component Syracuse connection to ElasticSearch problem

    During installing of Syracuse component the ElasticSearch connection is not building it keeps on popping the error message "Checking ElasticSearch connection parameters failed ! " I have set the network host name to localhost during the installation of…
  • Found this new license changed the WSGRACESLOWDOWN from 2 to 1.

    Does someone know what those values control?