• login

    I tried to set-up myself has one of the users with Sage HR and it looked like it was all done but now when i goes to sign in it tells me password or email isn't correct. So I try the "Forgot Password" and it tells me I will receive an email but I don…

  • power outage, now sage won't let me boot up

    won't let me login because says that user is already being used ..... power outage did not let me shut down properly??
  • Auto Entry Desktop Sync error

    Anyone else having issues? I try to log into the Auto Entry Desktop Sync service and i get the error: Please check that AutoEntry DesktopSync Service is running. I'm trying to start the AutoEntry DesktopSync Service so this makes little sense. Seems…
  • My Sage Account number - where do I find it ?

    I have Sage 50 and wanted to refresh myself on processing company accounts. I went to Sage University but I need my account number and I just cannot get an answer to this
  • Remote access - password error

    Hi, I am trying to open a shared company file and my password isn't working. It is the same password that I use for the other shared companies. Is there a way to unshare, reset my password or even save this company with a new name? I really need to…
  • compulsory annual payment

    When did Sage 50 Pro start locking people out of their data unless they paid a renewal fee ?
  • Unable to login to use remote data access

    When I log out last, the program was taking a while, and at the end I thought it's done, so shut down the PC, but a window popped up, asked me to end the sage program, which I did, and today, I tried login, and it's not letting me, keeps on asking me…
  • opening shared files

    my system will not allow me to open any shared files today is the system down for maintance?
  • Can't connect to my shared company

    I tried to open my company today, which is always a shared company; but there was an error. So when I tried to "connect to a shared company", typed in my email & password, I received the message "we were not able to retrieve the list of shared companies…
  • Remote Access

    Good day all. I have Sage Accountant license. I have a client who has their own limited number of licenses. I want to log in remotely, or via VPN. They set my computer up with VPN, however they think I cannot log in to their Sage 50 without using one…
  • New Sage 50 Update

    I just did my update for the new version of Sage 50 Canada and have tried to login but it is telling me that my user name and or password is not correct any suggestions
  • Booted out of Sage with Multiple Users

    Have two users currently using system. 1) admin-me and 2) parts-coworker. I am the main computer in which I would need to be logged in before then can use. They have been getting booted out but shows still active. Other day is showed I was logged…
  • silver support plan

    do i have to buy the silver plan support plan if i dont need it ? i am being told i will be locked out if i dont , am i being bullied ? for example if i installed the program on a computer with no internet would there be a way to lock me out ? i dont…
  • opening 2019 file

    i want to open a 2019 file, and the system won't open the older file. I am running the 2021 version of sage 50. how do i do this? I get a "database reports an error' message
  • Logging out a user

    Does anyone know if the administrator can log out a user. I have an employee logged into Sage and I can not log her out. I also cannot delete the user, probably because she is logged in.
  • Accessing shared company

    Hi, It is very often that when I try to access my account through Sage cloud, I can not. I get errors like this company is already open or I get instructed to save the file and getting an error message that this file already exists try a different file…
  • Cant log in

    On Oct 2 I lost the day as I could not log in, Then on Oct 9th I lost the day as I could not log in, its Oct 13 and I still can not log in. It gives me an error stating that the company is already open. I started my vacation today, but her I am at work…
  • Login Username

    How do I change Sage 50 Pro Login Username? It was set up using an employ's name now I want to change it back to sysadmin
  • Single user mode

    I can not log on in Single User mode as the system is telling me someone is already logged on in Multi User Mode. But there is no one else logged on.
  • Log in to Sage Drive keep asking change password

    Hi there, To download a shared company on a different/second laptop (My associate's laptop) when trying "TO SIGN IN WITH YOUR SAGE ID" after entering the e-mail and password, it keeps asking to change the password! I've changed the password multiple…
  • Asking for user name and password after sharing file to the cloud

    I shared my 3 business accounts to the cloud so I could work on them remotely. Today I tried to open the file. It keeps asking me for user name and password. I have never needed a user name or password to open my files. I though maybe it wanted the info…
  • Customer Portal down?

    I'm trying to register my new version of Sage 50 Pro and when I go to the Customer Portal ( https://customers.sagenorthamerica.com/ ) and login, I just get a blank page and/or an error. Is it just me or is everyone experiencing this? Thanks, Andr…
  • Application window not loading/displaying post login.

    I have a PC that is having an issue when the user logs in as sysadmin. It never shows the application window post login. All other user logins seem to work normally. Anybody have suggestions on where to look for the issue? We recently migrated the data…
  • I opened Sage, Icon drops to menu bar and is blank

    I opened Sage, it opened, but the icon dropped to the bottom menu bar, and when you clicked on the icon was blank - Sage top border, but main part just white. Tried to right click to maximize, but that option wasn't available. I have had this happen…