• Journal entry for Multi Member llc leaving in their profit for the year

    I have two members in this LLC and they both have decided to leave in their profits. How do I record this?
  • Who are the authorized resellers and consultants in Puerto Rico?

    Who are the authorized resellers and consultants in Puerto Rico?
  • Update Email Address

    My old email will be obsolete very soon. How do I edit my email address associated with my Sage account? Thank you
  • Houston Texas Area Accounting Firms Recommendations

    After many years our beloved CPA has decided to retire. The accounting firm she works for has indicated they are only interested in working in QuickBooks. Therefore, we are looking for Houston Texas area Accounting Firms that are well versed in Peachtree…
  • Quantum additional user cost

    One of my customer using 2023 sage 50 quantum with 10 users will like to know the costs for additional user.
  • Scheduling appointments for Sage 500

    Hello, The announcement says that one should book an appointment for a support session at: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/[email protected]/bookings/ I have booked an appointment twice and have not received a call or any contact…
  • Accountant needed

    I need to hire an accountant familiar with Sage 50 accounting. To respond, please write Chuck Sher, [email protected] . Thanks!
  • SAGE50 Reseller in Cambodia

    Hi all, I am looking SAGE50 reseller in Cambodia, if anyone know please let's me know, Thanks
  • Sage 2022 Support extended indefinitely?

    Did I miss this announcement?
  • Reminder: Last month to save 50% on Sage 50 US Edition anytime learning courses

    Promotion details: · Save 50% on Sage 50 – US Edition anytime learning courses · Promotion is valid from February 1 to March 31, 2023, and Ts & Cs apply · To enroll in any of the Sage 50 – US Edition courses, visit www.sageu.com/Sage50US · Use…
  • Stop receiving posts

    How do I stop receiving posts on topics that mean nothing to me?
  • Sage 50 Quantum - Can you view imported bank transactions to match them?

    It appears other versions of Sage have a feature to view and match downloaded bank transactions but I cannot find that feature on our Sage 50 Quantum version. Only way to view recently imported transactions if to go the the bank reconciliation function…
  • Inventory Adjustment Journal

    The Inventory Adjustment Journal shows a "Purchase Return Adjustment" for the month. Is that ok? The physical inventory does match the Inventory Valuation Report. Thank you in advance for any response.
  • Void Existing Invoice window not opening

    I am attempting to void an invoice. When I click the void button the Void Existing Invoice window does not open. The invoice is from 2020. Using Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2021 (SR-1)
  • Locked out of a company

    We are still running Peachtree 2011 and have two companies created. Our power went out the other day and the computer died and now I can't log into the company that was open at the time. It keeps telling me another user has the company open and I must…
  • Sage 50 Reimbursable expense billing

    We often override item descriptions when purchasing / billing customers. When we go to bill the customer using reimbursable expense the description is the item code description (ie we use Misc Parts for 1x purchases / sales but want customer to see the…
  • Modifying entries linked to sales invoices

    I'm new to this site. Our school uses Sage 50. I'm trying to modify a journal entry (specifically an account #) that's linked to a sales invoice. But when I click through (from the sales invoice or from the general ledger) to the associated journal…
  • Prior year's FIFO inventory adjustment incorrectly changed

    Help! Discovered I made an entry, but don't know what, that changed inventory beginning with last year's June Income Statement that carried through to this year. I have a back up that is correct, but only through March of this year. Is reinputting
  • Don't get scammed! Sage does not call from a "Spam - Private number"

    I received a call. The caller stated that they were from Sage and wanted to renew my software. This is the number the call came from: Phone number 646-536-788 2 This area code does not exist in the USA The display showed "Spam - Private" I asked…
  • New Vendor entered- One user out of ~12 cannot apply new purchase for vendor they've created that day, without restarting or bouncing Actian DB services.

    The vendor shows up in the selection list up top, but attempting to save purchase results in "The Vendor ID does not exist" . We have reinstalled Sage 2022 for this user with same result. This happens within any company for this user, including one…
  • Can a deleted invoice be recovered?

    We accidentally deleted an invoice yesterday - is it possible to recover the invoice after it has been deleted, or at least see the detail so we can re-create it?
  • Can you post transactions from bank feeds in Sage 50?

    We are trying to post vendor payment transactions directly from a bank feed instead of creating a new payment, which we were able to do in QB. It looks like it can be done in different versions of Sage but I cannot find the menu's mentioned in posts on…
  • Advance Payments from customer

    I receive payments in advance from our vendor but when I put in the JE to account for the AR and the advance it's not showing correctly on the trial balance. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  • Paya/PayPal

    Greetings, I'm exploring using an online payment method for our customers. Is either option sophisticated enough where the online payment gets automatically posted and updated in Sage50? For example, we bill customer ABC $50, they choose to…
  • Accounts Receivables Current Balance Sales Tax Total

    On the Accounts Receivable Report, it has the total balance due from all customers. I am looking for the "Sales Tax Amount Balance" . I am wanting to balance the total sales tax due to the sales tax account in the G/L.