• Error viewing security set up and accessing data via ODBC after updating to 2024.0.1

    After applying the 2024.0.1 update, our BI processes started failing with permission errors on the ODBC connection. When I tried to verify the settings and look at the user details, I get the following error: A Managed exception was caught in CUserListView…
  • User Security

    Hi Everyone: Why is it that I can't exit from user security tasks after I opened it?
  • Credit Card info xxx'd out

    A customer came in to purchase some items and we have their credit card info stored in Sage. Usually, I click on their name on the invoice, then click on the payment and credit tab. On that tab I can select view/edit credit card details. Typically, I…
  • Recent Paya Update Hides First Numbers

    The recent Paya Connect update now hides all but the last 4 numbers of customer credit cards on the Payment & Credit tab. I understand this is for security, and fully support added security, but now the first number is hidden. When processing a card payment…
  • Sage 50 not opening due to Actian Zen

    We are continually having an issue with Sage 50 not opening and having to reactivate the Actian Zen. We are changing the startup type from "disabled" to "automatic" however it continues to revert back to disabled. Any ideas on how to permanently keep…
  • under system security, how to change data owner's email address

    I want to change the email address for the data owner but getting message stating can only change password.
  • Change Administrator-Admin Retired and No password on User Name

    I am looking for a solution to access a company as the administrator. The previous admin is gone as she retired 8 years ago and I need a work around to setup a new admin and password.
  • Change Administrator - New User

    As a new user to Sage50, I must update the administrator role. The previous administrator is no longer an employee as of 2021. Yes, we were not aware of this role in Sage50 until recently. I need guidance on how to change/update. There doesn't seem…
  • Sage 50 September 30 2023 TLS Cutoff

    Hi all. A client of mine received a notice that older versions of Sage 50 will stop working after September 2023. The client only references the program on occasion but doesn't actively use it anymore. According to a couple articles it looks like…
  • Maintain Users

    How do I update security access for a user?
  • Do I Need A New Application ID For Each Installation?

    We have a developer license and application ID which we have used to create a connector that pulls data from an ERP into Sage 50. It runs as a windows service. It has worked well on all our development boxes. Yesterday, we tried to install the windows…
  • Opening Multiple Companies - Changing Previous Choice

    The directions for opening multiple company files is very straight forward. 1. Open the first company. 2. Select File, and then either Open Company or Open Previous Company. 3. At the warning message, select Yes. 4. Select the next company you want…
  • Sage 50 - User Security for Multiple Companies

    Is there a way to make changes to User Security for effect across multiple companies?
  • I forgot my admin name and password?

    I forgot my admin name and password I set it up in dark but I found the path ways in windows directory and I was wondering if I can delete the business file if that will allow me to reset without needing the admin password I don’t mind restarting I don…
  • Forgotten Admin Password

    Hello, We changed the admin account to a user who has forgotten their password. I have local access to the Sage 50 server. Is there a data file that can be edited to change the admin password? Thanks.
  • Forcing passwords to expire how does Sage work when passwords have expired?

    I'm updating Sage to force user passwords to expire, but I can't find much information about it online. If a password expires does sage allow/force them to change the password, or will they have to come to me at that point to update the password?
  • Sage 50 user logging and history

    Hello, We need to see which employee entered a specific transaction. We had multiple users signing in to the same account so when we ran the audit trail report it just showed that account. Does Sage 50 perform any additional logging that would tell…
  • Does Sage 50 US (not Cloud) have password encryption? What information can be provided about the algorithm used?

    Does Sage 50 US (not Cloud) save passwords with encryption? What information can be provided about the algorithm used?
  • No access to Account Register

    I want to be able to setup a A/P & A/R Clerk position however I don't want this role to include access to the Banking Account Register because of confidential payroll information. How do i turn off access to the banking account register in the User Role…
  • User Security Setup

    Is it possible to setup a A/R & A/P clerk position to have access to Job Profitability Reports WITHOUT having access to payroll fields/access?
  • Question about removing local administrative rights for Sage 50 US users

    Hi, we use Sage 50 US edition ver 2021. We have five Sage users on Windows 10 connecting to a Windows Server 2012r2 server running Sage 50. We are required to remove local admin privileges for employees for security reasons, and make them standard users…
  • Windows Server SMB Signing

    Hello. We have this product installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. Our tech department validating server vulnerabilities wants to know if the setting for SMB can be changed to digitally sign communications always.
  • Passwords, security settings, and windows 7.

    I need to move a copy of my sage 50 database to quickbooks. My windows 7 machine is not compatible with the conversion program from QB. Sage tried to change my security settings to to accomplish this from their end, but my admin settings no longer function…
  • User Security Settings / Print Quote

    Release: Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2020 Build: I need help with the security settings.I have a user with default "Sales Rep" settings, he can view quotes but cannot print. The print icon is greyed out. What needs to be changed for him…
  • about sage 50c and users connected

    Sage 50c users must be the same authorized sage 50 users? the user accountant must be authorized in the company?