• Remote data access

    Am I supposed to receive an email notification when a client has shared their company with me via Remote Data Access? I have not received an email and I watched the client share the file with me and I double-checked my email. I also do not see the file…
  • Sage 50 Remote User

    I'm looking to upgrade our subscription so that it can be used remotely. Any issues? Hard to set up?
  • 2 decimal points on balance sheet; zero decimal points on income statement

    Hello, For one of my clients, the balance sheet displays 2 decimal points. The income statement is rounded to the nearest whole dollar. 1) How do I change the income statement to display 2 decimal points? 2) Does this have anything to do with the…
  • How I enable the Attachment feature in SAGE 50?

    I would like to attach documents in transactions and this button/function is not enabled.
  • invoice number

    new to sage 50 setting up customers had first customer and can not find any info on setting up invoice numbers would like it to be auto
  • Quantity in Invoicing - 1 displayed as .01

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has an idea what could be the issue. I recently installed Sage50 Accounting 2023 and used company files from version 2019. When I do invoice - 1 is displayed as .01, 10 is displayed as .1, 100 is displayed…
  • SAGE 50 Proposal and Memorize Transaction Question

    Hi Two Questions: Proposal: We send out many proposals every day. 1 - Is there a way to automatically close a proposal after 60 days because the pricing is no longer active 2 - Is there a way to close multiple proposals at the same time so I…
  • How do i add my bank account to my sage 50

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to set up my bank account and paypal business account to my sage 50, can anyone help
  • Error viewing security set up and accessing data via ODBC after updating to 2024.0.1

    After applying the 2024.0.1 update, our BI processes started failing with permission errors on the ODBC connection. When I tried to verify the settings and look at the user details, I get the following error: A Managed exception was caught in CUserListView…
  • Item associated with customers - SAGE 50

    Hi I have two questions, 1 - I have many different customers that require their own item/inventory. How can I create items for certain customers so when I open up a PO, when I click Item it will only show certain items based on who I select in Vendor…
  • can sage do cash-based accounting?

    can sage do cash-based accounting?
  • inactive to active

    Is there a way to make an inactive company active? Thanks
  • Access to New Company

    We have a company created by a retired employee (he is also an admin/authorized user) with his personal email address and we have been unable to remove his access. Should we create a new company and transfer data manually from the old company? Is…
  • Create New Company?

    Currently have fiscal years 2021 and 2022 opened. 2021 has a good deal of entries that need to be made, then reconciled, year-end, etc. 2022 contains no information, so all will need to be entered. Obviously, this is going to take some time and I continue…
  • Sage 50 US. Search for inventory items using "description" keywords, inside the sales order.

    Can anyone please help find out ALL the ways possible to search for inventory items using "description" keywords, inside the sales order. Say, there are hundreds or thousands of ID's, there is no way to know or remember them. But the users know the…
  • Receive Money

    On the receive money tab. My inactive customers are popping up. How do I fix it so they don't show up? At one point I didn't have this problem. I don't know if I hit a button and not realize it.
  • Sage 50 Premium - Bank Feed claimed to have downloaded the transactions but none display

    When I connected my bank account through Plaid through bank feed, I probably selected a starting date that is earlier than the day that the bank account was created. When finishing set up, there was a pop out window saying that 4 transactions were downloaded…
  • Need a support contact name an address a phone number

    A Customer has an altered quantum information in one of ten companies they have, and all things we tried to do did not work ... they want to contact a person in support in order to see how Sage can do in ordeer to solve their problem.
  • When on an invoice is there a way to to order items on po right from there?

    When you are entering a sales order or invoice for drop shipment is there a way to start purchase order right from the order or invoice?
  • Need to change from fiscal year to calendar year for 2024 - how difficult is this?

    Need to change from fiscal year to calendar year for 2024 - how difficult is this?
  • User Security

    Hi Everyone: Why is it that I can't exit from user security tasks after I opened it?
  • Editing Sales Tax Rates

    Hello, We have a new sales tax and have two questions- -We can't seem to edit the actual Sales Tax ID (the first field) when in the Sales Tax Wizard? Where do we find that? -Is there any way to delete old sales tax records? When we try to delete…
  • Credit Card info xxx'd out

    A customer came in to purchase some items and we have their credit card info stored in Sage. Usually, I click on their name on the invoice, then click on the payment and credit tab. On that tab I can select view/edit credit card details. Typically, I…
  • 3 decimal points

    Currently we have setup Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2020 on a new PC but can't seem to be able to configure the 3 decimal points. On the old PC it was working fine. If we log in on the old PC it shows the amount with 3 decimals but if the same user…
  • Receipts

    Working with sage 2020. I change my chart of accounts from 4 numbers to (0000 to 0000-00). When making deposits my receipts go to the 1100 accounts receivables instead of 1100-00. How can I get my receipt transactions from 1100 to 1100-00. I also need…