• Error: "a connection with server could not be established" when uploading a direct deposit with Bambora

    Receiving this message after updating SAGE software to correct the issue of creating and sending an CVS file and now we cannot upload payments?
  • Character input - not a keyboard issue

    We have been having this issue for YEARS. We have called multiple times, it is happening on multiple computers, and is not the keyboard. We have even had a video conference with Sage. We are entering invoices and all of the sudden, our letters and numbers…
  • Sage 50 will now close notification

    Hi me and other users are receiving this error message after a while, what causes this, is it normal?
  • unable to open company , Connection manager issue

    error massage says Sage 50 connection manager is installed but not running
  • Sage 50 Canada - emailing invoices and receipts

    Starting last week, I have had issues with emailing invoices and receipts. It usually takes about 1 minute or more to send....or just hangs!
  • shut downs

    Sage is frequently shutting down on me. I'm doing entries or reconciling accounts and it quits responding and then shuts down. Happened 4 times today. What's going on?
  • unable to open companies

    Desktop computer decided to install microsoft one drive and try to share files with another desktop, after that I am unable to open my 2 companies in simply since the files are somehow tagged by the one drive sharing. I have removed the one drive program…
  • Error

    Says, Can not open company files/
  • Poor Customer Service

    We have been loyal Sage customers for several years, and our yearly subscription is up for renewal next month so I called nearly two weeks ago to give the updated credit card information. I also wanted to downgrade our plan since our number of employees…
  • Error Message

    Does anyone have advice/experience with this error message? What was done to resolve the issue? I have already spoken with Sage support, multiple times. Sage support says to consult with IT. IT says it's a Sage issue. Thank you.
  • Can't open my Sage Accounting Program

    I cannot open my Sage Accounting software package! When I click on the Icon it doesn't do anything
  • can't open sage 50

    Dear fellow Sage 50 users, I can no longer open Sage 50 Pro? The problem seems to be related to the Transaction Manager not running. The Data Verification Log is as follows: Sage DATA VERIFICATION LOG Sage Pro Accounting DATA VERIFICATION LOG…
  • Sage 50 2024.1

    I just got the error message "The data and application types are from different countries" when trying to open my client's file. I have never used a different version than the Canada Sage 50 and other client files are opening. Where do I go from here…
  • Creating new files

    Is anyone able to create a new sage file? I just get the creating new database, then nothing. It kicks me back to choose my file..
  • Journal windows will not open Sage 50 Connect

    Hello all, I use Sage 50 canada connect. I find when I change locations or wifi's that sometimes some of my journals wont open. It's not that they've opened off screen, it's that they will so only a white box when I hover over them on the tool bar.…
  • Features Sage NEEDS

    It would be so nice if Sage could do (or does do?!) the following: - Email to all customers from Sage (ie updates for pricing, general communication messages, etc) --> upload an attachment to send to all customers directly, rather than individually…
  • Remote Access

    I keep getting a pop up when I try to share the company "The connection for remote access failed". I also have been getting a pop up when I open the file that says " The file you want to open is located in a folder used for cloud storage. Working in a…
  • error message

    you are trying to open a company using remote data access. this company was created in a previous release. You cannot convert the company file because another user has it open in a previous release.
  • Unhandled Exception

    I get this error when entering sales or purchases. It's random. I have the option to Quit, which closes SAGE 50 immediately, or Continue, then I have to close and reopen the window to continue posting entries. It's random. Sometimes once per session,…
  • Connect sage to internet

    When I go to update my service plan it tells me I need to connect to the internet. Thanks
  • sage 50 Canadian down

    Sage people, this is now over 24 hours down, costing me thousands of missed billable time and paying employees for nothing - Quickbooks cloud is up and going. What is more frustrating is my laptop works, and one of my desktops works, but two of my desktops…
  • Cloud access

    Anyone else experiencing difficulty accessing cloud based Sage ?
  • REmote Data Access

    Not always but enough to get me going, I get this message - what the hell? I already have the plan, I just got out of one account and tried opening it again and this is what it says. Try calling sage and their not open until the west wakes up so much…
  • Remote Data Access Not consistent

    Good morning, I have recently been having issues intermittently, when I go to open my company and select it either through, Last company worked on or an existing company which has been shared and last used using remote data access, that it does not…
  • Adding Members Information

    I am having issues with adding members information. I can do the quick add where I just add their name and that stays, but every time I try add any more information (address, email, etc) I get a blank screen of the program freezes on me.