• Sage 50 2013

    I had to buy a new computer and now I have to reload my Sage 50 but it is 2013 edition. Will this work? I have to disc and the key code. Thanks
  • Can’t open files in sage 50 pro

    I downloaded a trial of sage 50 premium and opened a test company to try it out. how can I continue to use sage 50 pro? When I went to open a previous file I used in pro it now opens in premium. I have a back up that I can hopefully still use in pro …
  • Ebook

    From where can I access online or download Level 2: Accounting Modules ebook / eBookshelf within sage university and not from third party?
  • Update?

    Hello I keep getting this banner when i go to send email invoices: "This release of Sage 50 will stop supporting Invoice Payments in 26 days. You must upgrade to the latest release to use this feature" I go to the "help" menu, click on "Check for…
  • Sage Simply Accounting Pro v9

    Anyone here able to install Sage Simply Accounting Pro version 9.0 in windows 10? If Yes how did you do it anything you tweak to make it running or added a software for it to run in Windows 10 environment?
  • 500 additional fee for updates

    What is the reason that it is costing $500 for updates in addition to the Annual fee we pay for our Sage subscription?
  • how can i Transfer Files and Information from an Old Simply Accounting Program Running on Vista to Sage 50 2024 Version

    My Accountant is Retiring and is Currently utilizing an Old Simply Accounting Program Running on Windows Vista 7 I believe, it it possible to Transfer this Information to the Current Saga 50 Accounting 2024 Program?
  • Program

    I am going on holiday and would like to download the program onto my laptop. How would I go about that?
  • 2020 Download

    Can a tech please send me the download for my 2020 version
  • download sage application

    hello where can I download sage on my new computer ? thx
  • Sage Download Link (error)

    Hello and good day to you all, i have purchased a license for Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2020, trying to download it but all links are broken is there any way to get the installer or an alternate link to the download of Sage Premium Accounting 2020
  • Premium to Pro edition

    I understand that you cannot downgrade from Premium to Pro. I have a question about this. Now if I do not purchase the 2024 Premium .. and I have been a Premium user all along, and purchase the 2024 Pro version does this mean I have to start a new company…
  • 2024 Update Downgraded my Plan

    Since I installed the 2024 update my service plan appears to be downgraded, I can no longer copy bills or use credit notes. I just get a pop up telling me I need to upgrade my plan however it worked just fine before the update?
  • Sage 2024 version update

    Upon updating my Sage 50 Acct Edition to the 2024 Version I get a warning that my date files are on a cloud server and therefore there WILL be issues with the data files that Sage staff will not be willing to solve or help. I find this a bit disconcerting…
  • Moving Sage 50 CA files with RDA sharing to new server location

    I have a client with several Sage 50 CA file sets installed (different corporations) and they are being migrated to a new server location. Despite searching several times and reading in various categories, I am uncertain as to the process required…
  • reinstall an older version

    When my computer upgraded to windows 11 I somehow lost the sage 2015 edition so now I can't open my company
  • Not able to access/install Simply 2011 version on our Organization New Laptop

    Need help with the software installation of the purchases software on the new laptop of our church organization. Software is Sage 50 Canada Edition (Simply FS/Pro/Prem 2011 Media Pack CA) We have the serial & Activation. With the software installation…
  • problem opening sage 50 Canada premium

    I get a message. you cannot open this company. it was created in a newer version or is incompatible with your sage 50 solution. what dose that mean?
  • Sage 2011 download link needed.

    I am DESPERATE. My computer crashed and nothing could be retrieved from the hard drive. I have the key code and serial number for my original purchase of SImply 11 but don't have a
  • Trouble with ending a shared company

    Hello, I'm really struggling with setting up a shared company. I can't share my most recent file to work on remotely because a company is already being shared. I have searched for this file, but it is nowhere to be seen. It isn't in my list of recent…
  • July 1st update -

    where do I get the download? Thank you
  • Sage 2021.1.1

    I purchased a new computer. Old Computer has Sage 2021.1.1. New Computer has Sage 2021.0. Both are pro Canadian Editions. Any trick or advice someone could share with me
  • Am I Wasting My Time?

    Sorry if I put this posting in the wrong place! I'm trying to examine some old Simply Accounting files. I found the program, but it won't run (too old), anymore. Are the associated General Journal, etcetera file contents lost? Or is there still…
  • Can Sage files be moved to a new Sage account

    So with our license we have another “company” that uses our Sage. But now they are going to purchase their own Sage program. Can they download previous years of record keeping in Sage and safely upload it into their new Sage account? We use Sage 50 but…
  • Procedure to Connect 2 users Sage 50 Superior 2023 on 2 desktops

    Anyone know a link to get the walkthrough documentation to connect 2 desktop PCs (one Windows 10) and (the other Windows 11) with the latest version of Sage 50 Superior 2023 for 2 users